International Certification Regenerative Viticulture Alliance

What is RVA certification?

It is the highest standard for regenerative viticulture worldwide. We want to enable vine growers, producers, and consumers to create a better world through regenerative viticulture, an agricultural model that improves the health of vineyard soils and has a positive impact in terms of biodiversity, carbon sequestration, and water cycles in production areas.

What are the goals?

  • To recognize the vine growers who use regenerative viticulture and demonstrate an improvement in the soils where the grapes are produced
  • To certify the wines that come from regenerative vineyards and contribute to slowing down global warming

What does the certification standard include?

  • Recommended regenerative viticulture practices that can be applied in the vineyard on two levels: Transition and Advanced
  • Sampling system that enables demonstrating the positive effects of these practices on soil health
  • Certification system that will support public recognition of the efforts made by vine growers and producers

How does certification work?

Key points

  • International certification created by the Regenerative Viticulture Association, in cooperation with the Regenerative Viticulture Foundation
  • Open to all vine growers and wine producers worldwide who apply the regenerative practices recommended in the standard
  • Compliance with these practices verified by the independent international certification entity Ecocert
  • Two levels of certification based on the level of implementation: RVA Certified and RVA Transition
  • Valid for three years
  • Continuous self-assessment through the app or website
  • Pilot tests of the certification standard until December 2022 (only for Association members)
  • Certification valid from January 2023


International Certification Regenerative Viticulture Alliance

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