Exclusive webinar for members

On Thursday June 30, we will hold an exclusive webinar for members on the correct management of cover crops in the vineyard.

The use of cover crops in regenerative viticulture has different functions: the increasement of Organic Matter, the improvement of soil structure, the creation of a refuge for micro and macro-organisms, the retainment of moisture and lower soil temperature, among others. But if they are not managed well, we can seriously harm our vineyards.

Francesc Font, founding member of Agroassessor and vice president of the association, will explain how to manage cover crops correctly and the aspects to take into account to minimize risks. Miguel Torres, general director of Familia Torres and president of the association, will share different examples of cover crop management based on his experience. The webinar will end with a round of questions.



12:00h Lecture on the management of cover crops (Francesc Font)

12:30 p.m. Presentation of different examples of management (Miguel Torres)

12:40 p.m. Q&A


This webinar will be held in Spanish through the Teams platform. Members will receive an email with the link to attend the event. If you are interested and you are not yet a member, you can request registration through the mail info@viticulturaregenerativa.org

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